powerful & thoughtfully crafted brands 

Holistic design and biz strategy


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you feel disconnected with your current look & style or are launching the business of your dreams

we are here for you if


you trust in your project & are willing to put all your energy to make it real 


you are having a tough time reaching your audience


you want to elevate your look by relying on creative experts


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our values

elegance - singularity - EXPERTISE 
transparency - determination - empathy - trust

From one small business to another, we’re committed to our clients, their passions, and their purpose. We put love and empathy into every project we take on. And we make sure it shows. From custom coding to hand-drawn elements, we tailor each design to your business. And we’re not finished until it’s ready to work wonders.

we are a boutique design that cares about your success


Art director & Founder


passionate about hand-crafting brands that are both beautiful and successful.

The work you do – it’s important. It’s an extension of who you are. Communicating this with confidence means saying goodbye to that DIY logo that just isn’t cutting it, and embracing a comprehensive roadmap to your dream client.

work with us

creates your brand, website and illustrations

you are setting up your business and don't know the nitty gritty of it: strategy, communication adn more.


Because we are committed to our client success, inkdrops has partnered with Zebras agency to offer the best brand experience possible and has created the SIGNATURE PACKAGE to guide you from A to Z.
We believe that creating a healthy business requires a strong strategy and vision. Creating a strong brand requires to have a clear strategy and goals

ZEBRAS is here for you if:

My Partner in crime - Mathilde from Zebras consulting

your business is running slow and you need help in defining your goals and vision in order to get more clients


you need a website but you don't have any content or any idea of what to show + You want to optimize it for SEO



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Présentation Zebras

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- my partner in crime

Who is behind Zebras' consulting?

I've tried quitting coffee a gazillion times. Then I quit trying


I love lighthouses. Each time I'm travelling,I try to find new ones.
There is also a poster of lighthouses in my office 

I love the misty atmosphere of an early morning on the coast. it gives peace, inspiration and time to disconnect.

I am obsesssed with paper: stationery, planners, cards, etc.

My house is made of little things I love to find in special places: moonstone elephant, artisan-made jewel box, vintage radio adn camera, etc.



Client management


email marketing


social media planner


notes all in one

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